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Thlalak fiah taka lak dan

(He post hi tih changtlun/update zel tur a ni ang)

Thlalak fiah tha neih kan duh chuan, a fiah theih dan chi hrang hrang kan sawi hi i lo en dawn nia.

1. SHUTTER SPEED: Thla kan lakin a chunga shutter speed hrang hrang hi kan zawm a ngai a ni. Kan thil lak chu a chelo nge chak takin a che tih hi. DSLR camera ah chuan kan camera lens focal length zat aia tlem hman loh tur a ni. Eg: 50mm lens kan hman chuan 50 milliseconds 1/50sec aia chakin kan set tlangpui tur a ni. Kut chelo leh hmet thiam deuh chuan thil che lo chu a hniam deuh pawn an la fiah thei. Tripod stand hmana trigger(timmer) te pawh hman a tha. Camera leh lens lama Vibration reduction te pawhin a tanpui thei.

A chunga picture khi ka en chuan kan thil lak tur kha a chet ran dan a zirin kan shutter speed pawh kan dah sang zel tur a ni ang. Camera ah setting Mode hrang hrang a awm thin a, Shutter priority mode(S) emaw Manual(M) mode ah kan duh ang tak Shutter speed in kan set thei ang.

Kan thil lak tur subject kha kan focus that chuan kan thlalak fiah tha tak kan nei thei ang. ‘Practice make a man perfect’ an tih ang khan tih chhin zel hi kan thiam chianna tur a ni.

2. Focus:  Camera focus dik hi thlalak fiah tur a thil pawimawh ber zinga mi a ni. Kan thlalak tur kha thaleh chiang thei ang berin a in focus tur a ni. Camera ah hian focus points engemaw zat a awm a, camera a zirin  9 atanga tam zawk pawh a awm thei. Heng focus points te hian kan thil lak tura kha a select a, camera in a focus theih hunah a chet sawn hmain lak mai tur.

A hnuaia thlalak ah hian phengphehlep piah lam zawk focus leh phengphehlep zawk focus thla a ni.  Canon 70D ah hian focusing point 18 a nei a, mahse a mit veilam(kan enna lam atanga ding lam) ah tak focus kan duh chuan Single point focusing hi kan hmang ang a, focus fuh loh leh focus tura hmeh nawn chhen a ngailo deuh ang. Kan focus a zir hian White balance metering pawh hi a in adjust ve thin bawk. Lens auto focus tha leh chak tha han focus zung zung turin tangkai hle.


focusing-butterfly focusing-point



( Lens, Aperture, ISO, Light,etc. Kan la chhunzawm zel ang)

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Reiek tlang leh a chhehvel

Reiek khua hi Aizawl atanga Km 30 vela hlaah a awm a, Mizoram Sorkar in Tourist Resort siamin Zo khaw(Mizo Village) lem te a siam a, tun hmaa Mizote kan khaw awm dan leh chanchin, tourist te an entir thin a ni. Anthuriam festival Kum 2009 atanga 2014 thleng khan neih thin a ni bawk.

reiek khua


Typical Mizp Village

Reiek Mizo Model village

andthuriam festival

English Section:

About 30 kms to the West of Aizawl sprawls a prominent mountain on which Reiek village is located. This is one destination that one should not miss visiting. The mountain itself, though appearing to be of gentle slopes on its eastern side,has spectacular rocky cliffs notched with caves and caverns with luxuriant natural forest preserved since the days of the Mizo chiefs. It is only an hour’s drive from Aizawl for which taxis and private vehicles are available. The mountain road takes one through the lush green hills, crosses the Tlawng river as it gushes through a narrow rocky gorge, and then climbs up the hills winding up gradually to make a comfortable drive, during which one comes across a few cascades which are a photographer’s delight.

Before reaching Reiek, one enters Ailawng, the village of Khuangchera, the great Mizo warrior of the 19th Century who was known for his unsurpassed heroic deeds and stubborn resistance to the early British army expedition that cost him his life. There still exists a cave here that named after him for only he had the courage to explore it fully in those days of taboos and superstitions.

At Reiek, a typical Mizo village consisting of the distinctive traditional huts of  different Mizo sub-tribes, Mizo chieftain’s house, a bachelor dormitory,etc . has been created and maintained by the Department of Tourism. This gives the visitors a peek into the glorious past of the valiant highlanders. A few modern houses have also been constructed nearby to show the changes that have taken place in the Mizo way of life in keeping pace with the modern developments. The Department also maintained a resort with cafeteria providing decent accommodation and food.