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Tourist Attractions

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Tourist Attractions Aizawl has a lot to offer for the tourists. Some of them are: The Mizoram State Museum is located in Aizawl at Zarkawt. This museum houses artifacts and other depicts that offers a glance into the history, traditions and culture of the Mizo people. Aizawl Zoological Park at Lungverh in Aizawl is one […]


Reiek tlang leh a chhehvel

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Reiek khua hi Aizawl atanga Km 30 vela hlaah a awm a, Mizoram Sorkar in Tourist Resort siamin Zo khaw(Mizo Village) lem te a siam a, tun hmaa Mizote kan khaw awm dan leh chanchin, tourist te an entir thin a ni. Anthuriam festival Kum 2009 atanga 2014 thleng khan neih thin a ni bawk. […]