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Hmun pawimawh leh address te ziahna hmun.

Mizoram Transport Contacts

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Mizoram Transport Contacts:  I hope this information is useful for business person, tourist and travelers. Here we are collecting a list of popular transport names, address, phone numbers and their websites where you can find their further information. If you have any additional transport information please write in the comment section. Air transport: Aizawl is connected […]


Restaurant in Aizawl

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David’s HOTEL CLOVER Chanmari 796007 Aizawl G-16 Mizoram India Email: Email Website Phone: 0389-2305736137 / 2305738 ———– HOTEL REGENCY B-49, Zarkawt Main Street 796001 Aizawl Zakawt Mizoram India Email: Email Website Phone: +91 11 0389 2349334 /  +91 11 0389 2344234 ——— AIZAWL MASALA Zarkawt Main Street 796001 Aizawl Below Levi’s Show Room Mizoram India […]



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Hotel Floria Hotel Floria is located in the heart of Aizawl city’s market in an extremely characteristic, quite and lively area within short walk distance to all the top local attractions. The staffs of Hotel Floria are always available to advise you on alternative or lesser known itineraries, therefore helping you find an undiscovered Aizawl which […]


Tourist Attractions

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Tourist Attractions Aizawl has a lot to offer for the tourists. Some of them are: The Mizoram State Museum is located in Aizawl at Zarkawt. This museum houses artifacts and other depicts that offers a glance into the history, traditions and culture of the Mizo people. Aizawl Zoological Park at Lungverh in Aizawl is one […]


Berawtlang Tourist Recreation Centre

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Berawtlang Tourist Complex   Less than an hour’s drive from Aizawl to the east is the Berawtlang Tourist Complex. Situated on a peak surrounded by lush green hills it offers a panoramic view of the Aizawl and is connected by private taxi, sumo and state transport buses. Removed from the bustles of the city, the […]


Mizoram State Museum

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Mizoram State Museum   Museum Address: MacDonald Hill, Zarkawt, Aizawl, Mizoram 796001 Phone:0389 234 0936  


Millenium Center

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Millenium Center Millenium Center (Shopping Mall) Address: Dawrpui, Aizawl, Mizoram 796001 Open Hours: · 9:30 am – 6:00 pm  


Reiek tlang leh a chhehvel

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Reiek khua hi Aizawl atanga Km 30 vela hlaah a awm a, Mizoram Sorkar in Tourist Resort siamin Zo khaw(Mizo Village) lem te a siam a, tun hmaa Mizote kan khaw awm dan leh chanchin, tourist te an entir thin a ni. Anthuriam festival Kum 2009 atanga 2014 thleng khan neih thin a ni bawk. […]