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Smart TV and accessories available at Smart Electronics, Zarkawt. Ph 7005624388

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Buy a Smart TV from Xiaomi(Mi TV) or add a smart TV devices/stick and add features from your existing LCD/LED TV. Popular Smart Mi Tv 4A with MRP 32″ Rs 16000 and 43″ at Rs 26000. Youtube, netflix, and lots of Indian Movies and TV serials are available. It have a Mobile and Tablet mirror screen. Screen […]


Discount Coupon for visitors

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We have an exciting discount on phone, accessories and some home appliances. Please see the previous post of our product to get the discount code and use this code to buy our products at our store. Smart Electronics, Zarkawt, Near traffic point, Aizawl, Mizoram. Ph: 7005624388, 8794275520.  


User registration leh post siam dan

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A hmasa in he zirtirna hi Desktop Computer-a Chrome web browser hmanga siam a ni a, mobile phone atang i en chuan ding lama panel chhuk thla hi post intlar thla hnuaiah a awm thin. Aw le, user registration leh post siam dan lo en i la.   User Social Registration: Website home page ah khan […]


New Godrej Steel Drum, Semi Automatic Washing Machine

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Have a look at this video of new stainless steel drum Washing machine from Godrej. It has a steel drum on both the wash tub and spin tub. It also features a unique LED light on the wash tub and a dampener (closing the wash top lid slowly). The toughen glass covers all the control […]


Thlalak fiah taka lak dan

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(He post hi tih changtlun/update zel tur a ni ang) Thlalak fiah tha neih kan duh chuan, a fiah theih dan chi hrang hrang kan sawi hi i lo en dawn nia. 1. SHUTTER SPEED: Thla kan lakin a chunga shutter speed hrang hrang hi kan zawm a ngai a ni. Kan thil lak chu […]


Huawei phone thar

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Huawei phone thar Chinese mobile phone company Huawei chuan Nilaini khan an phone siam thar, Honor 5C chu an tichhuak a, Rs. 10,999 man a ni a, flash sale-a hralh chhuah ṭhin a ni rih ang. Huawei phone thar Honor 5C hi a processor a ṭha hle a, Krin 650-16nm processor a hmang a, hetiang […]


Smart Tv Box for LED Tv and Old 21/29″ Television


Smart Tv Box for LED Tv and Old 21/29″ CTV. Rs 6500(MRP Rs 7499). Contact: 8794275520. Watch online movies, TV shows, Youtube videos, Netflix, etc. and install any new online streaming apps available in Android Playstore Install all the apps available in Android playstore. Connect Internet via Wifi and Ethernet cable. USB mouse, keyboard, web […]


Portable Cloths Dryer

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Portable cloths dryer hi kawr leh thuamhnaw tih ro nana siam a ni. Electric current hmangin kawr leh pheikhawk thlengin a ti ro thei a. Washing machine a spin tawh phei chu, darkar chanve lekah a ur ro vek thei a ni. A lema kan hmuh ang hi feet nga bawra sang a ni a, […]


Mizoram Transport Contacts

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Mizoram Transport Contacts:  I hope this information is useful for business person, tourist and travelers. Here we are collecting a list of popular transport names, address, phone numbers and their websites where you can find their further information. If you have any additional transport information please write in the comment section. Air transport: Aizawl is connected […]


Coolpad Note 3

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Tunlaia smart phone Rs 10,000 man hnuai lamah company ho in India hi market tha tak a ni tih an hria a, an intihsiak mek a ni. Discount runpui lai India market ah a ni mek bawk. Heng zingah hian Coolpad chuan Dazen model a hlawhtlin viau tawh hnuin Coolpad Note 3 a rawn ti […]