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Samsung M30s with Big Battery and excellent Amoled display

6000 mAh Battery
48MP Triple Camera

Super Steady Video

15W Fast Charging
with USB Type c

16MP AI Front Camera
FL8 Night Mode

2.3GHz/1.7GHz Octa Core
Exynos 9611 Processor


16.21cm (6.4″)

Al Game Booster
Biometric Authentication

Rear Fingerprint
Face Unlock

Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Protection

Available at :

Smart Electronics

Zarkawt, Near traffic point

Aizawl, Mizoram

Ph 7005624388

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Smart TV and accessories available at Smart Electronics, Zarkawt. Ph 7005624388

Buy a Smart TV from Xiaomi(Mi TV) or add a smart TV devices/stick and add features from your existing LCD/LED TV.

Popular Smart Mi Tv 4A with MRP 32″ Rs 16000 and 43″ at Rs 26000. Youtube, netflix, and lots of Indian Movies and TV serials are available. It have a Mobile and Tablet mirror screen. Screen mirroring functions are useful for sharing photos and presentation.

Mi SMART LED TV 4A Pro with 32″ and 49″ will be available from November 2018. Pro version have voice search function on the remote controller. Bluetooth for device like game controller, mouse, keyboard, headphones and  earphones. Screen Mirroring, DTS HD sound and HDR functions are available.

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User registration leh post siam dan

A hmasa in he zirtirna hi Desktop Computer-a Chrome web browser hmanga siam a ni a, mobile phone atang i en chuan ding lama panel chhuk thla hi post intlar thla hnuaiah a awm thin. Aw le, user registration leh post siam dan lo en i la.


User Social Registration:

Website home page ah khan Social accounts login ding lamah i hmu ang. Social account hmanga registration leh login hi thil awlsam tak a ni a, a awlsam em em bawk a ni. Facebook leh Google account nei tawh te chauhin an hmang thei ang.

  • Facebook account hmanga i login dawn chuan Facebook button pawl kha han hmet(click) la, login window pop-up a lo lang ang. I web browser hman mekah khan Facebook account i lo login mek chuan he pop-up window hi a rawn lang zawk chauh ang. Facebook nena connect theihna tura phalna a rawn dil che. I lo accept chuan reilo teah i account hmang chuan i lut nghal ang.
  • Google account hmanga i luh dawn chuan a chunga Google Button sen khi click thung la, pop-up window ah account nen connect theihna tura phalna leh account hman tur thlantur a rawn tarlang ang.
  • Login hnuah chuan page ding lam chung berah khan mouse i dah chuan profile menu a lo lang ang. ‘Edit My Profile’ list a mi kha select leh la, ‘Biographical Info’ box ah khan i address leh contacts te chiang takin i dah dawn nia. Profile Picture pawh upload la, hriat leh zawn i awlsam lehzual ang. Tichuan, ‘Update Profile’ button kha click leh ang che.
  •  Tunah chuan i thil post apiangah i hming a lang ang a, i hming link an click hunah i details leh i post tawh zawng zawng kha a rawn lang vek tawh ang. I thu leh thil hralh post emaw zawng zawng kha mi tan zawn awlsam hle tawh ang.


Post Thar Siam Dan: ah hian awlsam takin thu, thlalak leh video te post theih a ni a, post hi administrator ten an endik hnuah tihchhuah(publish) chauh a ni thin. A tih dan tlangpui lo en ila.


  • Menu a chung vei lamah khan ‘+New’ zawna mouse in dah khan Menu/list a lo lang ang a, ‘Post’ kha i click chuan post thar i siam dawn tihna a ni a, Media i select chuan thlalak leh video i dah(upload) dawn tihna a ni. Post siam dawn chuan Post i click khan Edit Post page a lo lang ang. A tir berah Post title(hming/thupui) chhut luh a ngai a, a hnuaiah a kimchang(main content) tur kan chhut/dah a ngai ta a ni. Post Title hnuai chiaha ‘Add Media’ button khi chu thlalak leh multimedia ho server lama dahna(upload) na a ni a, kalsan rih ila.
  • Thu chhu lut turin text box lian tak kha han click la, thu i chhut nghal thei mai ang. Thupui emaw topic emaw i tih danglam duh chuan i thu tih danglam duh kha han select la, a chunga icon hmang khian i ti danglam thei ang. Thlalak(picture) main content ah kan dah dawn chuan i computer a thlalak kha pawh luh(drag) luh mai theih a ni a, mahse library ah a lut phawt thin. Library ah upload a zawh hnuin a in select sa ang a, Insert button kha click leh ang a, Main Content box ah a lo lang tawh mai dawn a ni. Catagories i dah duhna tak kha select la, a inhmeh ber ho i select ang he.
  • Chu mi zawhah a hnuaia Tags(thu mal a title baka pawimawh zawn awl nan hman) pahnihkhat i dah dawn nia. Engkim kan ti zawh fel hnuah chauh ‘Publish/Submit’ button kan click dawn nia. Website thuneituten an rawn approve hunah website ah a lo lang nghal ang, Social media lamah pawh a link thawn nghal a ni ang.
  • Post ah hian Youtube Video leh website dang link te pawh awlsam takin a dah theih a ni. A dang hriat thiam loh in neih chuan post comment ah hian in rawn tarlang ang a, rawn chhan zel kan tum dawn nia. He zirtirna tlawm tak hi i lo chhiar avangin kan lawm e.