MZU-ah CMDAYS-2016 ṭan a ni

MZU-ah CMDAYS-2016 ṭan a ni

Nimin khan Mizoram Universityah MZU-a Department of Physics huaihawtin National Conference: Condensed Matter Days 2016 (CMDAYS-2016) ṭan a ni a, MZU vice chancellor Prof. R Lalthantluanga’n a hawng.

Prof. R Lalthantluanga chuan, MZU-a School of Physical Sciences hnuaiah Master of Computer Administration (MCA) leh Master of Science (Electronics) zirna hawn a nih thuai tur thu a sawi a; MZU Guest House-ah conference hall thar, mi 100-150 len theihna tur siam turin ruahmanna siam mek a nih thu a sawi bawk.

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