Aizawlah BSW zirna thar

Aizawlah BSW zirna thar

Academic session 2016-17 aṭanga ṭan turin Bawngkawn, Aizawlah private college, Devine Mercy College din thar a ni a; course chi hrang hrang zir theih tur zingah Bachelor of Social Works (BSW) a tel a, Aizawla BSW zirna college hmasa ber a ni.

Devine Mercy College hi Mizoram sorkara Hig­her & Technical Education department hriatpuina leh phalnaa a din a ni a, tunah hian admission hawn mek niin, July 2016-ah class ṭan a ni ang.

College tharah hian general course-ah subject pakua – English, Mizo, History, Sociology, Eco-nomics, Politi­cal Science, Geogra­phy, Education leh BSW-te a awm dawn a ni.

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