New Education Policy chungchangah Inrawnkhawmna hnuhnung neih a ni

New Education Policy chungchangah Inrawnkhawmna hnuhnung neih a ni

Sorkar laipuiin New Education Policy a duan turah nimin khan SCERT auditorium-ah inràwnkhawmna, ‘State level consultation meeting on New Education Policy’ neih a ni a, School Education director leh New Education Policy nodal officer K Lalthawmmawia’n a kaihruai.

K Lalthawmmawia chuan, New Education Policy chungchanga nimina inràwnkhawmna chu Mizorama inrawnkhawmna hnuhnung ber leh a hmáwrbàwkna tur a nih thu a sawi a, “State level consultation meeting-a ngaihdan leh rawtna siamte hi Mizoram sorkar ngaihdan a ni tawh dawn a ni,” tiin, meeting-a telte chu ngaihtuahnate uluk taka hmang turin a chah.

School Education Director sawi danin, March 21, 2015-ah Union Human Resources & Development minister Smriti Zubin Irani hoin New Delhi-ah India rama state leh UT tina Education Minister leh Secretary-te’n New Education Policy chungchang an sawiho a; state leh UT tina khua, block leh district level thlenga inràwnkhawmna neih an rawt a ni.

Director chuan, September 23, 2015-a North East Regional Institute of Education(NERIE), Shillong-a Regional Level Consultative Meeting on New Education Policy-ah Yoga chungchang sawi a nih thu sawiin, “Yoga hi compulsory subject ni loin, optional subject ni tura rawtna siam a ni,” a ti.

Nimina inrawnkhawmnaah hian, New Education Policy 2015 chungchanga sawiho tur thupui chi hrang 13-te chu SSA state project director Lalhmachhuana’n a sawi hawng a, sawiho zui a ni. An thutluknate chu sorkar laipuiah Mizoram sorkarin a thlen ang.

Sawihonaah hian School Education, SCERT, MBSE, IASE, RMSA, SSA, Hindi Training College, Social Welfare department, Labour, Employment & Industrial Training, Mizoram Youth Commission, Mizoram University, Skill Development Council leh Health department aṭangin officer-te an tel.

New Education Policy chungchangah hian a hmain Mizorama district tinah inrawnkhawmna neih a nih tawh bakah, block level-ahte pawh sawiho a lo ni tawh a ni.

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